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GET IN THE VAN 2014 Tour

Help SouthSide Get Ted Nugent

to sign the Van!

A Story about a Man, Fan, Van and a Plan

By SouthSide Bill

July 16th 2014

Custom vans sometimes had a theme that surrounded the build. That brings me to my van “Cat Scrtrach Fever”.  Whenever I am working on a project, I can’t help but try to think about the history behind them. Who built it? How many people have owned it? What stories can this van tell! (oh, this van has stories for sure) Now, I can’t say everything I know about this van is true, but evidence suggests I can’t be far off. This van is the real deal, not a “remake” of a van from back in the day. From the vintage accessories, the murals painted on the side, the shag carpet and the etched glass details...its all 100% legit and true. My goal is not to restore this van, but keep it as a survivor from the days of vanning past. It has chips, scratches and faded paint but its over 40 years old and somebody took really good care of it to still have it look as good as it sits today.  
​ What I have found through stories from previous owners and old documents uncovered inside while working on the interior, is that this van spent most of its time in Michigan. One owner lived (based on an old receipt) just outside of Detroit.

​So, when you add it all up -  Detroit, Michigan based van themed “Cat Scratch Fever” - only one name comes to mind as the inspiration behind this van….Ted Nugent.  Yes, I used to listen to a Ted Nugent album passed on to me, in my early days of discovering Rock & Roll.... We all did. So, Cat Scratch Fever today finds itself as a topic on the
Jason Lee and Kluck Show(Mornings on 103.9 The Bearhere in South Bend, award wining plug and link too...You can alsolisten live)

​Kluck, a close personal friend of mine has even helped me wrench on her. The jokes flow, the “wonder what happened inside this thing stores get going”...we even come up with “Character Profiles” of the guy who built it...and all the great things he did with it. He built this van because he was a true Nugent fan. He loved Rock & Roll and the freedom his own wheels brought as well. He had a cool mustache, was good at hooking up with chicks - and he liked to party. Remind you of that guy you once were...Yeah, me too.

​Well anyway he got it signed, somebody wiped it off...and I owe it to this guy to get it back! Which brings me to my “Ted Shut Up and Get In the Van” thing I am doing here, so stay with me!

The Mystery of the Ted Nugent Autograph on the Refrigerator.
A caller to the show one morning informs Kluck that there was at one time there was a Ted Nugent autograph on the fridge, in red ink towards the bottom. He mentioned it was “wiped off” however, nobody is quite sure as to the how or why. We investigate the area and sure enough, there is a very faint evidence of the signature. We did not use the "Blue Light" like they use to find fluids at crime scenes on TV. In this van, the entire thing would just shine blue, and I have to drive it you know. Some things are better not know...anyway
​ So, did Ted Nugent know the guy who built it? Did they drive across the county in this thing talking on the CB and playing shows? Or, did Ted just sign it one day - maybe not even knowing he was autographing a refrigerator door for a van….maybe I will never know. But, as stated above my goal is to find out everything I can and build a “survivor” to preserve and save for future generations. Now knowing there was an autograph there, seeing the faint evidence and wanting it to be as true as possible...I need Ted to resign it. Hence, my goal. Sure if he has a story or any background or memories that would be awesome, but I know he is very busy, so I think being polite, asking and just getting the signature is all I can hope for.

In two days Ted is paying a show that is somewhat within the current mechanical reach of this 40 year old freedom machine. This could be my only real chance. But how do you get Ted Nugent to notice a mid 40’s fat guy with a beard out in the crowd at one of his shows?  You may find this hard to believe but the place will be full of us guys...(Really, there will be...not joking) So, I am using Social Media to try to get Ted Nugent to notice me. I though of using my good looks and wearing something provacative, but that won't work.... I am way out of his leage and don't want to intimadate him away... 

I am asking everyone to Tweet, Facebook, Social Media, smoke signals whatever to help a brother out, and send the Message -

I Make it Easy! Do It Now! Thanks!!

Also - It would help my cause if some you FINE FOLKS bought some tickets to his show.

BUY TICKETS HERE: Come on its going to be cool and we can hang in the parking lot!

So, In closing... Telling Ted to “shut up” is not a sign of disrespect. His new album and tour are titled “Shut Up and Jam”. Based on some things I read months back, I think its about getting back to things that matter so much to us, but take a back seat to what seems to be ever posing problems - maybe because of 24 hour news, real time streaming, politics you name it.

We get bombarded constantly - and we should pay attention, but what about Rock & Roll? What about Vans that were obviously constructed in part, to impress women and get you laid? or the other things we enjoy that give us a short break we need from time to time to feel good about life? Inside all of you, there’s something like this you want to try too - and well, seriously what are you waiting for? If you have ten positive serious goals, having one that makes you laugh and happy - wont hurt. Thanks to everyone out there trying to help me with this. I know it may not really happen. I am driving the van out to Merrivile (Our mother of blessed acceleration don’t fail me please!) July18th with my wife and friends at the Radisson Star Plaza. Were putting up a banner the says “Ted Shut up and get in the Van” and hoping for a quick signature, in the red ink like before...I will bring a pen. Thanks Again Everyone. SouthSide Bill.